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The Pregnant Candidate

You are in the process of interviewing and you’ve narrowed all the applicants down to two promising candidates. Jill and Sara both have stellar resumes. In the interviews, Jill did just fine, but Sara’s personality seemed to click just right with the team she would work with.

But then, you call to do second interviews and Sara slips the fact that she is planning on going shopping for baby clothes this weekend for her child-to-be. A sinking worrying feeling starts to infect your brain,

Fear Is The Mind Killer!

Yes, I’m stealing that famous line from Dune. While it may be super geeky to mention this line with gusto, this simple phrase is very true and applicable to everybody.

How many of us have put off a phone call, interaction, or a decision because we were hesitant or just plain scared?  Disguised fears make projects take ten times longer.  All the various kinds of fears we have can cripple our goals so that they never really make it far out of the gate.

If you get that funky feeling when it comes to calling that potential client, or volunteering for that assignment, give yourself a kick in the seat of your pants! doing the very thing you are afraid of could be the best thing that happens to you!

Circle of Friends – Maximizing Peer Pressure…

As a woman of ambition, you like to think that you are above peer pressure.  If you have old friends, work associates, or just family –you’ve got peer pressure. Even if you are a “Tom Boy” and your best friends are all guys, you just can’t escape it.  Just by being a member of the […]

Groovy iPhone Cases from the Grove

Like the look of wood or the beauty of wood carvings?  Wish you could get that wood look on your iPhone? Well now you can with iPhone cases from Grove.  The other nice feature is that the cases are actually made out of bamboo, so you don’t have worry about those slow growing trees you […]

Rulebreaking – When Is It Bad and When Is It Good?

Some professionals love breaking the rules, all the rules in fact, and even the law.  Success to this personality type is all about tricking the system, and more so, about tricking all those poor saps who play by the book.  There are plenty of examples of the big guys and gals who made plenty of […]

Bring Out the Child in You – At Work!

While at work, many of us put on our most professional behavior.  Being professional is good, but sometimes it gets translated into being super serious, artificial, bureaucratic, or it can lead to an overuse of jargon and buzz words that turn off clients instead of impressing them. Here are just some childlike behaviors to remind […]