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Circle of Friends – Maximizing Peer Pressure…

As a woman of ambition, you like to think that you are above peer pressure.  If you have old friends, work associates, or just family –you’ve got peer pressure. Even if you are a “Tom Boy” and your best friends are all guys, you just can’t escape it.  Just by being a member of the human species means that what others think and do is going to be important to you.

As an individual, you at least have control over from whom you will be influenced by, and to some degree, control over the extent of your crowd’s influence.  So, armed with this simple fact, what will you do?  Just stick with your friends who make you feel bad when they get a new wardrobe?  Or just continue to talk about soap operas and diapers cause that’s all your friend talk about?  Instead, build a circle of friends who when they do exert peer pressure on you, do so to help you to progress.  Find or encourage the kind of friendships that don’t force you into a mould, but instead nudges you to be your best.


A good example can be found in the first few pages in the book  Rubies in the Orchard.

  1. Cynthia on Thursday 17, 2010

    We tell our kids how much their friends affect them, but we forget how true that is for us as adults! I hope I am being a good, constructive friend myself!